torsdag den 17. december 2009

Character design for 'Nissehaderen' (The Christmas-Elf Hater)

This is some character design I did for a school project last week.
We were in groups of 6-7, half Animators half CG Artists. We had to do a short animated film in one week, so it was quite busy and we all did a little bit of everything.
In my group we were 7 people - 4 Character Animators and 3 CG Artists:
Mikkel Vedel (CA), Drude Mangaard (CA), Jeppe Døcker (CA), Blake Overgaard (CGA), Allan Lønskov (CGA), David Otzen (CGA) and me.

We decided to do a short film on the interview called 'Nissehaderen' ('The Christmas-Elf Hater'). It is an interview from the danish evening show Aftenshowet, where they are interviewing a priest who hates christmas elves. And it is for real.
Because we had so little time, we decided to do it as a cardboard/cut-out/doll show, but in Maya. So it was pretty fast to model and rig it, and pretty easy to animate, since it's only planes with a stick on. Then we scanned our cardboard drawings, colored with color pencils, and used them, along with a picture of some cardboard in profile, to make it look like real cardboard dolls. In the end the CGAs did their magic stuff with the light, and made it look good.

You can see both the original clip and our film on Youtube.

This is our movie:

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