onsdag den 12. februar 2014

More from France

I had the pleasure of animating this guy for half a year in TeamTo in Valence, France.
This guy and all his friends.


onsdag den 5. februar 2014


Hi internet. It has been a long time.

I am now animating on the amazing TV-series 'The Amazing World of Gumball', which is amazing, and full of amazingly skilled people. But extremely busy. So not so much time for drawing other stuff.
Here is some stuff from last year.
I got the opportunity to come up with some character design suggestions for Cartoon Network's new TV-series 'Clarence'.
But the poor kids didn't make it to the show.
Henceforth these are the 'Rejected Kids'.

This guy is a guy designed for a Danish commercial. But he too was rejected.

This guy was actually never rejected. He just came along.

More to come.

onsdag den 1. maj 2013

Encounters SFF!

So, apparently my 'Making of Ride Of Passage' has now been selected for a festival. I didn't expect that to happen.
But it did.
It is a Vimeo festival called:  
18th Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival.

Check it out!

Encounters 2012 Trailer HD from Encounters SFF on Vimeo.

tirsdag den 9. april 2013

Men with color.

Pencil and black pen. With color. 

Tablet. With color. 

Posca color. With black pen. 

Black fat marker. With color. 

søndag den 24. marts 2013

Rob'n'Ron - part 1

So, I have recently been working with the very creative, and very pleasant, Tumblehead studio to create this western short film, called Rob'n'Ron.
It's with stop motion sets and 3D characters. And it is going to be fantastic!
More will come later.

Eva and I are building all the sets and props. And photographing it.

Here are some finished, raw photos. No computer work, just pure foto. Mmm..

fredag den 8. marts 2013

Cowboy, cowboy, cowboy and cowboy

Lately I have been working on a cowboy film with the amazing Tumblehead studio. I will show that stuff soon. 
For now, look at these cowboys.

tirsdag den 25. december 2012

Merry Christmas! With aliens!

Merry Christmas! Here's a small Christmas greeting from Fat Fox - my new collaboration with the amazing Kristoffer W. Mikkelsen himself. Enjoy it! And have a nice holiday.

lørdag den 10. november 2012

Ride Of Passage is BACK ON THE INTERNET!

It's back. Our film had a short break due to some festival nominations, and won 2 prizes at Anima Mundi for Best Short for Children! But now it's back.
If you want to, you can go to our film blog and see some artwork and festivals we are attending. CLICK HERE.
Or, you can just watch and share and recommend and enjoy the film. Begin!

torsdag den 1. november 2012

A lightly dressed viking with a sword and horns on his helmet!

A viking a day keeps the doctor away.
Therefore you I give you a viking today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and maybe the day after the day after tomorrow. You are welcome.